May 15th - October 1st


3 Hour Minimum





Tour Program

Here is what’s included in the program of this tour

Request for private tours are common. This is the ultimate way to see Voyageurs National Park. This is a large park with no roads and 163 campsites all of which are only accessible by boat.

Most of our private tours range from 4 to 8 hours. Our newest boat can accommodate 12 adults comfortably. Arrangements can be made for family reunions, anniversaries or wedding groups. For larger groups additional boats can be arranged to keep your group together. Another option for those spending a night or two at the Kettle Falls Hotel is to plan a tour with part of the tour conducted on the way to the Kettle Falls Hotel and the balance of the tour after we pick you up at Kettle Falls Hotel.

These private tours are rain or shine so please dress accordingly. Rest stops are no more than approximately 1 hour apart. Passports are not required even though we will be straddling the US/Canadian border for part of the trip.

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